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PRODUCT KEY: New Item, Solar, Made in USA, Recycled


Give your children hours of fun with a beautiful Playhouse. Your children will love playing house. Your children will be learning without even knowing it. Kids will learn how to become different parts of the family by trading who is the father, mother and child.

Playhouses can be a place where your children go when they want some alone time. Let them sit inside of their playhouse and read a book, play with their cat or dog or simply do some thinking and even take a nap.

Your children will love their Playhouse for the privacy and hours of fun that they will spend in it using their imaginations. You will love it as Playhouses are made of wood that is naturally resistant to decay, insect damage and rotting. You will not have to stain or paint the Playhouse.

The Playhouse makes a perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for your child or children. Give the gift of independent play to raise a well rounded child or children. As a parent you will have peace of mind knowing your child/children are outdoors playing instead of spending too much time sitting around indoors playing video games and watching TV.

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